Our 2017 Finalists

On March 15, 2017 the UC Merced Graduate Division held the GradSLAM! Qualifying Rounds, and they were a great success. All the contestants gave their best efforts, and the expert judges were diligent in their ratings and feedback for the contestants. Dean Zatz, Associate Dean Kello, and the Graduate Division staff would like to everyone again for making it such a fantastic event.

We have calculated the scores and determined the top ten finalists who have won $250 each, and a chance to compete for the title of Campus Champion on April 13th. Here they are, listed alphabetically by last name. Congratulations to all!

Byran Fuhrmann, Environmental Systems | "The Role of Oxygen in the Fight for Clean Water"
Alyssa Funk, Quantitative and Systems Biology | "Hidden Figures: How DNA is Unlocking the Secrets of Humanity"
Rachel Hatano, Biological Engineering and Small-Scale Technologies | "Cardiac Construction"
Joel Heisler, Chemistry and Chemical Biology | "Timing is Everything"
Christine Hoffman, Applied Mathematics | "Perovskites: The New Silicon in Solar Cells"
Nicole Madfis, Quantitative and Systems Biology | "Creating Blood Vessels for Repair and Regeneration"
Portia Mira, Quantitative and Systems Biology | "Reversing Antibiotic Resistance"
Melissa Ricketts, Physics | "Reducing light pollution in Yosemite National Park with nonimaging optics"
Kristen Valentine, Quantitative and Systems Biology | A War Within: Finding Balance in the Immune System"
Jose Zamora, Biological Engineering and Small-Scale Technologies | "Modeling Angiogenesis"

We hope that everyone will join us in cheering on our finalists as they compete for the big $5,000 grand prize during the GradSLAM! Final Round. We're also looking forward to seeing everyone again for next year’s competition.

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