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Dyslexia & AB 1369: What You Need to Know and How Teachers and Administrators Can be Prepared

September 30, 2017 - 8:30am to 3:00pm
Join us for a symposium on dyslexia and new state law, AB 1369, which is designed to help schools identify students with dyslexia sooner and enable implementation of interventions. This conference has three foci: a. Educate the audience about the causes, expression, definition and life course of dyslexia. Special emphasis on early signs/risks; b. Provide information on the new legislation, AB 1369, that will determine how schools/clinics may identify the condition, parent/student rights, and ramifications for treatment or IEP plans; and, c. Outline the preferred identification tools, treatment methods, and resources available in the community. The event is put on by the UC Merced Alliance for Child and Family Health and Development in partnership with the group Decoding Dyslexia of California, as well as other sponsors.


Classroom and Office Building 2, 110

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