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Graduate Resource Center

Graduate school will be one of the most challenging and rewarding times of your life.

One key to success in your graduate studies is a good support network — this
includes friends, family, colleagues, faculty, and Graduate Division!

Our online library (below) will help you make the most of your time at UC Merced.
Click on the topic headings to access information, resources, links, and more.

The transition to graduate school can be difficult. Start your graduate career out right by following the advice found in these resources.

General Resources



Mentorship is a two way street. Be prepared for what will be expected of you and get the most out of the experience.


Individual Development Plans (IDPs)


Ask any graduate student what their biggest issues are, and many will say time management and stress. Here are a few good suggestions for managing your time and boosting productivity. 

Time Management



Productivity Apps
These free apps are designed to help you cut down on wasted time and get the most out of each work day. 




You are sure to do plenty of writing over the course of your graduate career. Brush up on your skills here.

General Writing
Introductions & Conclusions
Literature Reviews
Science Writing
Dissertation Writing
On-Campus Workshops
On-Campus Resources
Editing Help
If you would like information about editors that may be able to assist you with your larger writing projects for an hourly fee, please email the Graduate Division for suggestions.




Writing about your research in order to secure funding is a skill that you will need to hone throughout (and, often, beyond) your graduate career. The following workshops and resources will set you up for funding success! 

Note: The Graduate Division maintains a library of successful grant proposals. Feel free to stop by our office in SSB 310 to browse these proposals as you are getting ready to write your own!
On-Campus Workshops (via GEARS)


NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) Resources

Useful Links

Preparing clear and concise talks or poster presentations on your research takes lots of practice. Explore workshops and resources designed to help you hone your presentation skills below.

On-Campus Events:
Other Academic Speaking Resources:
Poster Presentations:



Whether you are stepping into the classroom as a TA for the first time, or you consider yourself a seasoned professional — your teaching can only be improved by exploring the resources here.

On-Campus Workshops and Trainings - via UC Merced's Center for Engaged Teaching and Learning (CETL)
More TA Resources

As you near the completion of your degree, your thoughts will inevitably turn to what comes next. Explore your options and be better prepared for the job market with these workshops and resources.

On-Campus Workshops (via GEARS)


Academic Job Resources


On Being a Versatile Ph.D.

More General Career/Field Information