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Student Research Projects

Research Project Name: Merced Downtown Neighborhood Identity, History and Preservation

Team: Anaïs Guillem, Garima Panwar, Graham Goodwin and Rocco Bowman

Community Partners: Merced Downtown Neighborhood Association (DNA), Merced County Courthouse Museum (MCCM)

Team Poster

Rocco Bowman


Research Project Name: Baskets to Bytes: Indigenous California Heritage Preservation 

Team: Madeline Brown, Manuel Dueñas Garcia, Cristyna Galarza and Scott Nicolay

Community Partners: Cecilia Moreno, UC Merced student and Tachi Yokut/ Wukchumni traitional basketweaver; Jennifer Malone, Wukchumni Elder and traditional basketweaver; Marie Malone, Wukchumni Dictionary creator, traditional basketweaver and elder;  and Carolyn A. Smith, UC Berkeley postdoc and Karuk tribal member

Team Poster

Scott Nicolay


Research Project Name: 4-Dimensional Map of Merced and the San Joaquin Valley

Team: Katherine Shurik, Maria Elena Arias-Zelidon, Mirko De Tomassi, John Flores

Community Partners: Sarah Lim, director of Historical Courthouse Museum; Karen Baker, director of Merced Visitor Services; Dennis Colton, director of the Merced Multicultural Arts Center; Clifford ViMonte, storyteller for the Cultural Arts Center

Team Poster

Katherine Shurik


Research Project Name: Water Governance & Power Dynamics

Team: Ivan Gonzalez Soto, Brian Glubok, Dalena Ngo and Michael Blonski

Community Partners: Stergio (Steve) Roussos, Gabrielle (Gabi) Adkins, Katilyn McIntire, Jose Guadalupe Garcia and Jazz Diaz

Other Participants: Candice Adam-Medefind and Merced County Courthouse Museum

Team Poster

Ivan Soto