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Master's Along the Way

A Master’s Along the Way (MAW) refers to a master’s degree that a Ph.D. student may obtain while working toward their Ph.D. of the same major. Please Note: Not all graduate programs offer the MAW option. Please connect with your program coordinator for program specific requirements and additional information. 


**The last day to request a Master's Along the Way for Summer 2022 is July 15th. Any advancement to candidacy forms requesting an MAW for Summer 2022 submitted after July 15th will be moved to Fall 2022. **



Step #1 Advancement to Candidacy:

Ph.D. students will be using the advancement to candidacy form to qualify for a MAW. There are two options to obtain a MAW. Please connect with your program coordinator to request the advnacement to candidacy link.

      Option 1: Advancing with your Ph.D.:

  • Ready to advance for your Ph.D.? Once you submit your Ph.D. Advancement to Candidacy electronic form, you may select the MAW option.
    • Enter the term you wish to obtain your MAW. Normally, students enter the semester we are currently in if time permits. 


      Option 2: Advancing only for your Master’s Along the Way:

  • If you are not ready to advance for your Ph.D., or already advanced for your Ph.D. during a prior semester, you will submit a Master’s Advancement to Candidacy form.
    • For the “Student Type” select Ph.D. Then select Master’s Along the Way for the “Ph.D. Student Only” option.


Step #2: Applying to Graduate:

Once your advancement to candidacy has been processed, you will receive an email confirmation titled “Advancement to Candidacy: Master along the way-Processed.” Please wait until you have received this email to submit your graduation application. Submitting your graduation application early will result in submitting a Ph.D. graduation application, you will be considered inactive for the following semester.

*If you have submitted a graduation application early, please connect with Graduate Services and your program coordinator.*

Step #3: Graduation Requirements:

Along with advancing and submitting a graduation application for a Master’s Along the Way. MAW students will also need to submit a Master’s Final Report by the deadline.

  • Thesis Plan: If you are obtaining a MAW with a Thesis, please remember to submit your Thesis Signature Page to Graduate Services by the deadline.
  • Comprehensive Examination Plan: If you are obtaining a MAW with the Comprehensive Examination option, please remember to submit your exam results to Graduate Services by the deadline.

Please refer to our Master's Checklist for Degree Completion


If you have any additional questions, please contact Graduate Services.


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