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Mission and Vision


The Graduate Division is dedicated to excellence in academic and research training of graduate students at UC Merced. The Division furthers graduate education by nurturing and developing new doctoral and master’s degree programs, ensuring the continued high quality of all academic programs, and providing appropriate resources for student success. Graduate education at UC Merced is founded on disciplinary and interdisciplinary research excellence, a deep respect and appreciation for diversity and inclusion, and a supportive community in which students can thrive.

The Graduate Division supports every stage of graduate student life, including applications and admissions, fellowship and grant support, tracking academic progress and degree milestones, academic employment, mentoring activities, teaching preparation and other professional development activities. We work hand-in-hand with the Graduate Council of the Academic Senate to ensure outstanding graduate education at UC Merced, facilitate development of new academic programs and implement Graduate Council policies.

The staff of the Graduate Division demonstrates the highest levels of integrity and excellence in everything we do. We take pride in creating an inclusive environment that respects and celebrates diversity and in our collegial working relations with faculty, staff and students from all graduate programs and administrative units at UC Merced, and across the UC system.


UC Merced graduate programs prepare the next generation of experts who will contribute innovative, creative solutions to regional, national, and global problems.


Academic and Research Excellence

Diversity and Inclusion

Collaboration and Innovation