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  Mission Statement  

The Graduate Division serves to promote, advance and support intellectual discovery, scholarly achievement and life-long learning for the next generation of leaders. The division fosters collegial partnerships to ensure excellence in the quality of its programs and services and to advocate for the needs of graduate students while upholding UC Merced’s pioneering spirit and mission. The division affirms the campus’s diverse community through fairness and equity and in doing so responds to the varying requirements of a dynamic environment and needs of a changing society.

Research is the Cornerstone of UC Merced

UC Merced Faculty and graduate students are conducting hands on research to understand climate change and water cycle in the mountain range of the Sierra Nevada.

Grad Studies: A Lifetime of Discovery

UC Merced is where you will take the next steps into your future, whether your interests lie in the sciences, engineering, social sciences or humanities.

Financing Your Graduate Education

Over 80% of our Ph.D. students receive full financial support each semester in the form of Teaching Assistantships (TA), Graduate Student Research (GSR) assistantships, and/or fellowships.  Also, the large majority of our Ph.D. students receive support used for research, educational, and living costs during the summer.

Innovation and Creativity

The University of California, Merced is dedicated to cutting edge research and innovation to develop the best new ideas for the benefit of society. 

Graduate Division Videos

Environmental Systems

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Mechanical Engineering

Cognitive and Information Sciences

Applied Mathematics

Quantitative and Systems Biology

Chemistry and Chemical Biology


“The benefit of being a grad student at UC Merced is in the relationships you develop with the faculty community. I can knock on any door here and get guidance on everything from experimental design to conflict management.”
- Heather Thompson
Quantitative Systems Biology
“Mentorship isn’t just about somebody helping somebody else out. It’s also about compatibility. That’s what I’m getting here at UC Merced.”
- Anley Tefera
Biological Engineering and Small-Scale Technologies
“We have completely state-of-the-art systems because all of these labs were just created.”
- Andrea Rodarte

News, Projects & Research

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UC Merced has hired 33 faculty members for the

Sep 2014
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Other UC campuses have drone research programs,

Aug 2014

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