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Application Deadlines

The graduate application can be accessed through our Online Application System.

The general deadline for receipt of applications for admission to most UC Merced graduate programs for Fall 2020 is January 15, 2020. Many programs will continue to accept applications past January 15 depending on space available, but financial support may not be available for later applicants. For more information, please contact your program of choice and see below for the status of our graduate application.


Deadlines by Group:

Applied Mathematics (M.S., Ph.D.) January 15, 2020
Bioengineering (M.S., Ph.D.) January 15, 2020
Chemistry and Chemical Biology (M.S., Ph.D.) January 15, 2020
Cognitive and Information Sciences (Ph.D.) January 15, 2020
Economics (Ph.D.) January 15, 2020
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (M.S., Ph.D.) January 15, 2020
Environmental Systems (M.S., Ph.D.) January 15, 2020
Interdisciplinary Humanities (M.A., Ph.D.) January 15, 2020
Management of Complex Systems (M.S., Ph.D.) January 15, 2020
Master of Management Professional Degree Program (M.M.)

Priority Deadline: December 15, 2019

General Deadline: February 15, 2020

Materials and Biomaterials Science Engineering (M.S., Ph.D.) Janaury 15, 2020
Mechanical Engineering (M.S., Ph.D.) January 15, 2020
Physics (M.S., Ph.D.) January 15, 2020
Political Science (Ph.D.) January 15, 2020
Psychological Sciences (Ph.D.)

December 1, 2019

Public Health (Ph.D.) January 15, 2020
Quantitative & Systems Biology (M.S., Ph.D.)

Priority Deadline: December 15, 2019

General Deadline: January 15, 2020

Sociology (Ph.D.) January 15, 2020