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GROW 2022

Graduate Orientation Week (GROW)

Graduate Orientation Week (GROW) encompasses a number of workshops, training programs and events held at the beginning of each academic year to introduce new students to the campus community and prepare them to start their graduate studies at UC Merced. 

GROW will be held in-person, is required by all incoming students and will begin on Monday, August 15th, 2022. Note that many of the trainings during GROW will be held synchronously and asynchronously. In addition to your in-person training, we will be using Catcourses - a campus-wide system used for teaching, research, and collaboration purposes. Each student will be assigned particular trainings that are required for all UC Merced graduate students, including a TA training, Sexual Harassment and Prevention training, Office of Research training and more.

August 15th is a milestone at the start of each year because it is the date by which all new graduate students should be registered as students and paperwork completed for employment (more info soon about paperwork processes this year). It is also the official start of GROW, and we will still have some required training starting August 15. However, other parts of GROW have been spread out over a pre-GROW summer schedule that includes webinars, zoom panels, and email updates. 

Be sure to check your UC Merced email for updates and reminders for upcoming pre-GROW events.

GROW registration is now open! Please sign up at your earliest convenience.


Pre-GROW Information

In an effort to provide important information over the course of two months before GROW rather than the week of, we have developed the Pre-GROW series. This series provides important information related to graduate school at UC Merced. Below are the dates and sessions being held over June and July. Please note that these will be recorded, so if you are unable to attend the live ZOOM session, they will be available for review. We encourage you to attend as many as possible to ensure that all of your questions are answered.

Coming soon! 

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