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Grad Slam 2024 Finalists

The campus’s 2024 Grad Slam finalists are (listed alphabetically by last name):

Grad student Sarah AlnahariSarah Alnahari

Public Health

Advisor: Professor Mariaelena Gonzalez

Research: Sarah’ s public health research delves into the social, historical, and political landscape surrounding tobacco control within minority and immigrant communities.


Grad student Maged ElshatouryMaged Elshatoury

Materials and Biomaterials Science Engineering

Advisor: Professor James Palko

Research: Maged's research focuses on electrochemical methods for detecting and eliminating carcinogenic materials in water like Trichloropropane (TCP) in California's Central Valley. By integrating advanced detection techniques like SAMs on gold electrodes, he aims to improve detection limits. The goal is to develop efficient, scalable, and sustainable solutions for clean water access in affected communities.

Grad student Cayce FyllingCayce Fylling

Applied Mathematics

Advisor: Professor Mazime Theillard

Research: Cayce's research focuses on computationally modeling the dynamic motion patterns of swarms or collectives of living agents, with a particular emphasis on bacterial colony behavior.


Grad student Tony HuaTony Hua

Economics and Management

Advisor: Professor Zack Grossman

Research: Tony is a behavioral economist studying how various social and psychological motivations, e.g., concerns of one's self-image, affects economic decisions.


Grad student Samuel LeventiniSamuel Leventini

Mechanical Engineering

Advisor: Professor Ashlie Martini

Research: Dopants provide protection for MoS2 coatings against various environmental conditions so that we can best use them in many different applications.


Grad student Daniel MiliateDaniel Miliate

Mechanical Engineering

Advisor: Professor Ashlie Martini

Research: Daniel is a computational researcher in the Martini Research Group. His work helps enable space exploration, using simulations to study how mission critical lubricants break down on a molecular level.


Grad student Jose Arturo MoralesJose Morales

Mechanical Engineering

Advisor: Professor Ashlie Martini

Research: Cleaner oils help remove varnish deposits from metal surfaces, preventing engines and other mechanical components from failing.


Grad student Pravien RajaramPravien Rajaram

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Advisor: Professor Ryan Baxter

Research:  prPravien's research poject aims to use sunlight to increase the production of medicinal compounds in plants.


Grad student Alejandra SantoyoAlejandra Santoyo

Cognitive and Information Sciences

Advisor: Professor Kristina Backer

Research: Alex's research is all about music  —   from how we process it to why we perceive it as music. She primarily uses electroencephalography (EEG) to record brain activity in order understand these questions.


Grad student Ambarish Varadan

Ambarish Varadan

Quantitative and Systems Biology

Advisor: Professor Juris Grasis

Research: Ambarish is part of the Grasis Lab, where he is investigating whether and by what mechanism(s) bacteriophages activate human intestinal epithelial cells.