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PRIOR TO ACCESSING GRIP you must be connected via Catnet or the UCMerced VPN. Instructions for how to install the VPN are available here:

Purpose of GRIP: The purpose of the GRIP database is to combine information from several different campus systems in a way which provides us a comprehensive understanding of a graduate student’s profile. This shows us a student's status, academic progress, funding, and admissions, where data is available.


All faculty supporting graduate students will have access to the Faculty portion of GRIP to submit funding requests. If you do not have this access please contact your school graduate support staff. Data in GRIP is maintained by Graduate Division and the graduate support staff in each school. 

How to submit a funding request for graduate students:

Graduate Group Chair Access: 

To obtain Graduate Group Chair access, please complete the FERPA training online and send the confirmation of completion email to Dave via He will then upload the file to GRIP and grant the extended access. Access is restricted to those who have completed FERPA per the Registrar guidelines for data security.

FERPA training takes approximately 25 minutes and can be accessed here or by clicking the FERPA Online Training Course link on the Registrar's website:

GRIP for Graduate Group Chairs - Introduction Video:


Why do I have to use the VPN? 

The VPN is an added source of security since we are unable to use 2FA with Filemaker. This ensures that anyone accessing the student data will have to authenificate with the VPN or Catnet prior to accessing GRIP.


What do I do if I see information that is incorrect in GRIP?

Please send any corrections to your school staff and cc Dave. They will work to ensure the data is corrected across all applicable tables.