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Preparing for the Job Market - Recordings & Resources

Graduate Division has created a new spin on traditional workshops providing graduate students and postdocs with on-demand access. In the recordings linked below a panel of faculty were interviewed on important issues and nuances related to aspects of academic job applications by a team of graduate students and PDs and the Associate Dean.


Research Statement - Watch Recording

A 2-3 page statement describing your research accomplishments, current state of your research, and the future direction and potential of your work. This should convey your ability to direct and perform innovative and independent research to the search committee.

Professor Ajay Gopinathan | Professor Tom Harmon | Professor Anna Song | Pin Lyu, Graduate Student | Associate Graduate Dean and Professor, Sayantani Ghosh
Recorded on October 5, 2022

Teaching Statement - Watch Recording

A short essay describing your previous teaching and mentoring experiences, core approach and practices you have utilized during class or discussion sessions, and how your teaching philosophy ties into your research and efforts to enhance diversity. 


Professor Ashlie Martini | Jackie Shay, Associate Director of Teaching Commons | Ingrid Padilla Espenosa, Postdoctoral Scholar

Recorded on October 7, 2022

Making a Job Talk - Watch Recording

Making a Job Talk: A 40-50 minute presentation that is a visual communication of the research statement that is broadly accessible but at the same time highlights all of your technical know-how. This should emphasize not only your prior accomplishments but go into details of proposed work, while demonstrating to the audience that you would be a good fit in their department/program. 


Professor Arnold Kim | Associate Graduate Dean and Professor, Sayantani Ghosh | Catherine Ghosh, Postdoctoral Scholar

Recorded on October 21, 2022

Diversity Statement - Watch Recording

A depiction of your past experiences which explains how they have contributed to your personal and professional growth. The diversity statement should include your values related to diversity, experience working with diverse populations and your future plans related to inclusivity.


Professor Ryan Baxter | Professor Roberto Andresen-Eguiluz | Associate Graduate Dean and Professor, Sayantani Ghosh | Syeda Tajin Ahmed, Postdoctoral Scholar

Recorded on October 28, 2022

Additional Resources

Teaching Professional Development Resources for Graduate Students and Postdocs:

Teaching Commons Pedagogy Program: Offers a range of evidence-based teaching strategies focused on inclusive, student-centered teaching required for 21st Century educators. Consider the whole program to develop your teaching portfolio or book a consultation to address your specific teaching needs. 

University Writing Center: Offers writing support for all documents including teaching statements, fellowship applications, qualifying proposals, dissertations and more! 

Classroom Observations: Offers opportunities to have your teaching observed and codified with our classroom observation team. This evidence is a wonderful tool to learn from and showcase. 

English Language Support: Offers grammar, pronunciation and all English language support.