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NRT ICGE 2016/2017 Cohort

Project Teams

Project Name: “Network Analysis of Power Grid Integrity”
Team Name: “Power Rangers”
Team: Jon Anzules (QSB), Ayme Tomson (CIS), Taran Rallings (QSB)
Advisory Board Mentor: Mihai Anitescu (Argonne)
Faculty Mentors: Ashlie Martini, Paul Maglio, Michael Spivey

Team Presentation


Project Name: “Optimized Sensor Modeling for Diabetes”
Team Name: “Sense Air”
Team: Amin Boroomand (QSB), Adolfo Ramirez-Aristizabal (CIS), Imtiaz Ali (Physics), Jackie Shay (QSB)
Advisory Board Mentor: Spike Narayan (IBM) and Janice Zdankus (HPE)
Faculty Mentors: Michael Colvin

Team Presentation


Project Name: “Cosmological Data Analysis”
Team Name: “Pale Blue Dot”
Team: Jose Zamora (BEST), Alyssa Funk (QSB), Farnaz Golnaraghi (Physics), Thomas Thayer (EECS)
Advisory Board Mentor: David Brown (LBNL)
Faculty Mentors: Arnold Kim, Juan Meza

Team Presentation


Project Name: “SADI: Smart Archeology Investigator”
Team Name: “Indiana Drones”
Team: Derek Hollenbeck (ME), Jeramias Gonzalez (Physics), Katherine Shurik (IH)
Advisory Board Mentor: David Berger (NASA)
Faculty Mentors: Mukesh Singhal

Team Presentation



UC Merced's NRT ICGE faculty, students, and industry partners at the April 2017 networking gathering. 

NRT ICGE faculty and students at the end of the Spring 2017 program.